Friday, 3 July 2009

At Home!

It is the 2nd of July (I think) and Mrs QB and I are at home in our lovely little house on our beautiful island of Skopelos.

We have been here for a few days and the work has started! We decided that one of our balconies (how about that for a bit of one-upmanship then!) was in need of some fairly urgent repairs - particularly in view of the quote last year of 14000 Euros to replace them both!

So we have decided that we are going to replace the top rail and the floor boards. I have cut the floor boards to length (3.69 metres)and have sanded them, undercoated them, sanded them again and undercoated them again. Tomorrow they will get their final sanding and then I will apply two top coats before I take the old ones up and replace them with the new.

Our house is white with all the exterior woodwork done in that beautiful rich blue that says to eveyone - Greece. You know the one. It is the same colour as the Greek flag. Vathy Ble Arithmos 2 - Greek speakers please excuse me not using the proper Greek characters, and Kat, can you translate the Vathy bit - I think it means Navy Blue number two but I'm not sure. Anyway, that is the colour the balcony floor boards and the top rails will be.

Other jobs on the cards for this holiday:

Mrs QB wants a corner shelf making and putting up in the bathroom.

The other balcony is in better condition than the one which is being refurbished, it just needs a light sanding and repainting.

Three sets of shutters need taking down, sanding, repainting and re-hanging.

We have bought a new kitchen in Dubai and shipped it out (it is due to arrive with lots of other of our possessions on 5 July). It is currently flat-packed so I will have to build that!

We want to take down two stud walls on the top floor - it sounds easy enough, but it isn't. Quite apart from disposing of the detritus, the walls are 4 and a half metres high and I can't get up to the top, plus, in taking them down we have some wiring that needs re-routing. There is a professional coming round to take a look at that job tomorrow afternoon. If we can afford it, and if he can do it quickly, we will be changing the use of the top and middle floors of the house. This involves in the sub-job of taking beds apart, moving them downstairs and rebuilding them.

Other than that, it should be a nice restful holiday!


Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear you are having a rest on Skopelos then hehehe :-)
Don't forget to give yourself a little relaxation one evening in a Taverna along the paralia under the stars.
Sure you will.
Best Regards,
Marion & Pip

CaliforniaKat said...

Technically, vathy is "deep" so deep blue number 2. Navy blue is skouros ble (mple) or ble marin; that literally translates to dark blue. What's the difference between dark blue and deep blue? Depends on who you ask, so it's a matter of interpretation.

Terribly sorry I cannot help you with blogger rejecting your new name and e-mail address. If it were Wordpress, you could change it no problem.

Nice you have you in the same country. Looking forward to hearing more about renovation and your summer follies. :)

steve the plumber said...

It sounds like a nice house that just needs a bit of DIY and home improvement.

What is the temperature like in Skopelos at the moment?