Saturday, 22 May 2010

Ready to Go

It is Friday morning at 9:40.

We are packed!

We are ready to go!

Just got to wait until 11 am and then we are off to Istanbul - I'm going for two weeks to visit my new school, Mrs I is going for one week and she will be house hunting!

Unfortunately Mrs I can't stay for the entire two weeks, she has to have a minor (we hope) eye operation on Monday the 31st of May, so she is going to fly back next Saturday. Now, you may be tempted to say that it is a bit ungallant of me not to come back at the same time as her, but my new employers wanted me to have a two week handover and if I put it off until later it will mean leaving my current school early - which has some pretty large consequences! We both think that it is best for me to stay for the extra week.

Anyway, camera is ready, battery is charged, I shall put some views up when I get back.


CaliforniaKat said...

Exciting! Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well for you both :o)
Marion Bergersen