Sunday, 5 September 2010


During the last 13 years in the Middle East, the one thing that I started to miss was weather. Wall-to-wall sunshine does become a little monotonous after a while. The joke is that you have two seasons - Hot and Hotter. Alright, as anyone who has lived there knows, that isn't strictly true. I have known very heavy rain in the Middle East - it is just very short-lived and very infrequent and is only notable because of the problems it causes. But, most of the time, the sun shines and there are very few clouds in the sky.

Here in Istanbul things are a little different:

The dramatic sky from my front window about half an hour ago

The equally dramatic sky looking towards the black sea a minute or so later

It had just started to rain when I took the second photo as you can tell by the wet roof, a few minutes later it was bucketing it down - I might get tired of it in time but at the moment...

I love it.


Jayne said...

I know the feeling - when I came home a year ago, I went & stood outside & watched the rain, which was the first of the season. It was wonderful to smell the earth after its first 'watering' :-)

Passionate Dilettante said...

Now that I look at your photos, I realise how many pictures I took of the sky when I moved here. And there are about three files of 'rainy terrace' pics! I recommend getting the camera under some leaves after a rainstorm - all those crystalline droplets defying gravity under glossy green. And I remember being fascinated by the the colours of rains-soaked eucalyptus bark on a wet Sunday afternoon in the park.

After the belting August heatwave, I've got my knitting needles out ahead of the f-f-f-freeeezing winter. Such fun!

Aren't seasons miraculous?

xx to you and your lady, and a duly respectful obeisance (ahem!) to Baggins.