Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back on Blogger

It would seem that blogger is no longer banned in Turkey, that is good 'cos it means I can start writing drivel again - if I have got any drivel to write. Actually it will be nice to be able to post some pix again.

But not today!

What will be nice is that I can start reading other blogs again!


Media Junkie said...

welcome back!

Jayne said...

Welcome back :-)

Hay Bale Happiness said...

hiand you thoght you had left the middle east mentality behind.Good to see you back up and writing. Things calming down a bit here so hope to get back to blogging too. Cheers

Granny said...

My husband and I love Skopelos. We have become so concerned for our friends there given the Greek Financial Crisis. Can you up date us. Love your work on the military heritage. Helen