Sunday, 21 August 2011

House Hunting

Since we got back we have been house hunting! We decided that we wanted to move from our house in Zekeriyakoy because it is just too noisy at night here. There are somewhere in the region of 20 dogs live in the vicinity and the just bark all night long! We get vertually no sleep. We have put up with it for a year but enough is enough.

So we have been house hunting, and we have found a place we like. It is in a very quite area, close to the twon of Sariyer and overlooking the Bosphorus and this is the view from our balcony:


I think I can live with that!

We move in next Friday - and we are both looking forward to a really good nights sleep!


Mama Duck said...

That would do me, too! How delicious. We feel the same about noise. Our second flat was in a quiet neighbourhood, but we had boyracers on mopeds thrashing 15cc (!) engines to get up our sloping street, and oooh how we hated that. Wasps on heat! So much happier now with peace and terrace. I'm glad you found something so fast. Amazing! Enjoy your idyll.

Keefieboy said...


Jayne said...

Barking dogs, especially at night are incredibly frustrating! The daytime here is the worst, with every rat on 4 legs with a yappity bark lets loose if it sees its own shadow!

I hope your move goes well!

CaliforniaKat said...

Sometimes all it takes is one dog. We lived upstairs from our landlord's dog, wore ear plugs for the first time in our lives to sleep and didn't get a good night's sleep for two years.

Didn't matter that we took care of the dog, paid our rent on time. They never disciplined the dog, but that's partially because they were just as noisy. Like you, we moved.