Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sartorial Elegance

I think sartorially challenged may be more accurate. Anyway, here it is - cold weather gear in South Africa!


OK, maybe, just maybe, I look dreadful! But, two things, 1) it's comfortable and 2) it's warm. Given that I have lived in Dubai for 11 years now, you will, of course, understand that I have very little that can be described as warm weather clothing!

I also have the other tracksuit to this one, the yellow top and orange pants - that one has a hooded top, but I don't have any pix.

Why these colours? That was all they had!


sis said...

Can't believe the picture is you Bill - you have put on weight and that suit does nothing for your street cred!! Dread to think what the orange one is like! Glad you enjoyed all your travels

From your sis in England

Keefieboy said...

Looks OK to me. Speaking of warm clothes, I forgot to pack my waterproof jacket for my trip to England, and had to buy another one when I got here. It was definitely a useful purchase!

dubaibilly said...

Sis: Yes, you are right, I have indeed put weight on - it is ever since giving up smoking and I don't seem to be able to do anything to get rid of it now that it is there!

Keefieboy: I knew I could rely on your good taste for the seal of approval for my tracksuit!

john.g. said...

Hell, you've been Tangoed!

Mars said...

wow. it's bright.

peter said...

peterHello Dubaibilly

Well bill what a great blog name - I think it's great much better than the clothing. As to your weight join the club - I've been trying for years since I turned 4o to lose weight and nothing seems to work!!! unless of course you turn to constant jogging, join the ranks of the gym and all that. I said to Pete only tonight when we were chatting about you!!!!! that it was probably giving up smoking that had made you put on weight although Pete is still a smoker and has put on a lot of weight - a man thing - around his tummy!!! Anyway if it is any consolation I think you look better carrying a bit more weight.

Take care


Sis in Bournemouth and Pete of course - send our regards to Cher

Lulu Barbarain said...

Eh, putting on weight just means you've been fortunate enough to enjoy good food.

"Fat is like a halo of happiness emanating from your tummy."

~The Sayings of Lulu Barbarian

dubaibilly said...

John: Bloody hell, that is going back a while isn't it! Don't tell me they are still running those adverts!

Mars: It works, I went out dressed like this and didn't get hit by a car or anything so everyone must have noticed me!

Mary and Pete: Nice to see you on my blog. You might think I look better, but in this tracksuit you can't see my real shape!

Lulu: I shall try the halo of happiness one on Mrs DB and see what she says!

CaliforniaKat said...

I don't see anything dreadful about it, in fact I like a man who isn't afraid to wear color. Reminds me of a mango or one of those big stick popsicles we used to eat in the USA.

dubaibilly said...

Kat: You are too kind, or you were until you started mentioning mangoes and popsicles! ;)

CaliforniaKat said...

I rather like mangos -- they're colourful and sweet, and popsicles are tall and lean. It's a compliment. Take it dammit!

Mme Cyn said...

Err- keefieboy, it WOULD look OK to you... I seem to recall a certain pumpkin orange silk suit you wore with a green(?)shirt to a formal(?!??) party once... =)

Jayne said...

Comfort & warmth - who cares about the colours! Nice to put a face to the author :-)
BTW, I would've sent out a hit man if that had been a 'shell suit' LMAO