Friday, 1 August 2008


At last! Here we are! For the first time since starting this blog we are back on our beloved island of Skopelos! Wonderful!

It seems so long since we were here last - and it won't be long until we are gone - but it is great to be home!

My God, though, what a journey. We left Aunty Beeb's house in Somerset west at 3pm (CAT)on Monday and opened our front door at 4 pm (CET) on Wednesday. For those who are time zone challenged, CET is 1 hour ahead of CAT so our journey took exactly 48 hours door-to-door, remarkably, to the minute! At least on my watch anyway. And guess what, 24 hours later, the bags arrived! Clearly a 5 hour transfer in Dubai was just a little bit too much for the baggage handlers in DXB to come to terms with! We were smelly when we arrived, but we did have clothes in our Skopelos home to change into. Sadly, since last year when we left them, the Dubaibilly's have put on a kilo or two and an inch or two - fortunately there were a few things that still fit us so we could shower and change! It was a relief when our bags finally did arrive though.

An update on Uncle Sam... he is now sitting up, eating, talking and having physio - great news, he is well on the way to recovery and I am sure he and Aunty Beeb will be with us on Skopelos next year.

Gotta go - Mrs DB is lying by the pool and I have been summonsed! Catch ya later!


Keefieboy said...

Get the camera out then!

john.g. said...

Yes! We want pictures!

Marion said...

Hello, Gosh what a journey.
But now you can just relax and enjoy Skopelos :-)
Have a lovely time, are you going to see the Mamma Mia film while you are there ? I think that would be fab. Somehow seeing it in Kent is not quite the same.
I am also looking forward to seeing some of your photos.
All the Best,
Marion & Pip

Mars said...

great! enjoy your vacation!

CaliforniaKat said...

Woo hoo! Good to have you here :)

Don't burn your bits. P.S. Where is Baggins?

Jayne said...

Ditto keefie & john - where's the pics!!! I hope you have a lovely relaxing time in your home DB. Savour every minute :-)

Mme Cyn said...

Is it your own pool, then? Isn't it a frightful pain in the tail to get it cleaned in time for your arrival??

dubaibilly said...

Keefieboy: Camera is out, but won't download pics until I do so onto my own computer at home, will upload to the blog after that - got lots of Greek cat pix for anyone who like cats.

John: see above.

Marion: Mamma Mia is on at the open air cinema, but it isn't exactly my cup of tea. Sorry to hear that Pip is not well, hope everything will be fine and that you will both be back on Skopelos soon.

Mars: Thanks - we are doing.

Kat: Thanks, I won't - Baggins is on holiday in Dubai Kennels and Cattery!

Jayne: Thanks - we are. See above.

Mme Cyn: Ye gads, no. You know that teachers don't get paid enough for that. No, the Hotel Dionnysius opens its pool to the public. Very nice of them.

Cheers folks, thanks for all your good wishes. See you (too) soon,


Marion said...
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Marion said...

Mamma Mia wasn't Pip's type of film either but I enjoyed it :-)
I've been looking at Nana's website (Skopelitissa) enjoy seeing it when we're away from the island.
Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Lulu Barbarian said...

I've heard that on Skopelos one can eat "Psari Stifado." If you think of it, would you mind keeping an eye/ear open for this dish? And if you eat it, please remember it!?! :-)

But mostly, have fun!!!