Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Is It Just Me

That has trouble with those funny little word verification things when you want to leave a message on someone else's blog? I've left about 7 or 8 comments tonight and have got most of the wrong the first time I typed them (and by most I mean at least 5 or 6). Perhaps I'm getting old and my eyes are growing dim... or something.


Mars said...

no i have a problem too..certain letters get twisted and read different...

Toffeeapple said...

So do I. In fact, I'm wondering how I'm going to cope with this lot here today...

Marion said...

Hi Ya, We're doing fine thanks.
Busy going through all the paperwork from solicitors,
Draft Contracts, Surveys, details of Lease, etc. etc.
The flat we are purchasing is over 100 years old, so they are dated from 1889 !!
Think our house in Skopelos is the same sort of age. Opps - Didn't have all this information for that?
If all goes OK hoping to move end of April.
I actually gave my notice in at work today, wanted to give them plenty of time. Been there for 20 yrs. Probably doing them a favour by leaving as I do not use a computer at work. We are still using quills, an abacus & dusty old ledgers !!
Keep on keeping on :-)