Friday, 15 February 2008

Trolling blogs

Mrs Dubaibilly is still in bed and I am at the computer mindlessly trolling blogs. Do you ever do that, just click on the Next Blog icon and see where it takes you? This morning I've been to several Spanish blogs including a20-something female exhibitionist who just about stops short of revealing all, a few American blogs including a truck driver who has had his vehicle license transferred from Colorado to Wyoming by the Department of Motor Vehicles with his knowledge! (he isn't best impressed) various foreign language blogs which were meaningless and a blog by a shepherdess in western Montana who has a lovely, gentle sense of humour and who I'm going to link to so that I can go back and read more about her life on the farm. This will take you there if you would like to read her musings. Her story about socks is priceleess!


Kitchen Insider said...

Thanks for the nudge to keep me on track! You are so right, as my latest posting attests, but I finally have some free time again. I'm sure by now you have seen the great result from the Reebok,
us 1, them 0, goal from Diouf in the 74th minute. Can we take it to them in Madrid, that's the question?

Bridget Jones said...

Nopes, but I'll check out your latest find i.e the shepherdess :)

I changed the font colour of my latest post from pink to white btw, just for you! :)

dubaibilly said...

KI: Yep, an excellent win and I won't mind losing 2 - 1 out there 'cos that will still take us through on the away goals rule

Bridge, Thank you.