Saturday, 26 April 2008

Eating Greek

Although there are some three or four "international cuisine" restaurants on our beloved Skopelos, when we are there Mrs DB and I almost invariably eat Greek food ~ we even cook Greek food for ourselves there. When we come back to Dubai we normally have a dinner party for friends and cook Greek for them (taverna style, complete with paper table cloths, those funny little jugs of wine the Greek tavernas use, the little glasses and plastic condiment sets, bread in a basket with the knives and forks etc) and everyone usually enjoys it (probably because they start off with ouso when they arrive and finish with metaxa before they leave!) But, it can be quite difficult to find good recipes.

So, when I was checking up who was visitor 2000 this morning (well done Keefieboy) I noticed a post by lulu in which she wished me kalo pasxa, now I know that is good something but I don't know what and my English-Greek-English dictionary has decided to hide! No doubt I will find it later. so if lulu or californiakat should happen by, please let me know. But I digress. Anyway, Lulu has a website called Mama's Taverna ~ How To Make Delicious Greek Food - Recipes and Techniques. It's a touch vegitarian at the moment because Lulu is fasting for lent which means she doesn't eat meat. But going back before the start of Lent unveils some delightful recipes, I am going to introduce them to Mrs DB and I think we will probably be trying some! You might like to have a go at Greek cooking yourself! Link on the left folks.


Lulu said...

Hey Mr. Dubai Billy!

"Kalo pasxa" means "Happy Easter."

I'm so glad you like the recipes! I'm trying to write them for people who, like myself a few years ago, are new to cooking Greek cuisine. I'm also trying to preserve the traditional recipes that the new generation doesn't always bother with.

Your Greek dinner parties in Dubai sound wonderful; I wish I could be there for one!

CaliforniaKat said...

Lulu beat me! In any case, may I also add some things you didn't ask? LOL!

During Holy Week (the week of Easter or Pascha/Pasxa), the greetings change slightly. On Thursday, when Christ dies, the greeting changes to Kali Anastasi or Good Resurrection until midnight on Saturday when Christ is reborn. After that, you'll hear people say, "Christos Anesti" or Christ is risen to which the proper response would be, "Alithos anesti" or Truly He has risen. The faithful do this for 40 days.

I learned this during my time at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and shared it with you in case someone greets you this way in the future.

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out my recipes on They are in the recipes from friends section. Mr. and Ms. DB, will you be going to the Island this year? I'm missing it every day! ... Thea Montandon

Marion said...

I was also going to let you know
Kalo Pasxa means Happy Easter.
If you check out Skopelitissa's website she has lots of photos & info.
Can just imagine how buzzing it all is around the harbour.
I've never been there at Easter time but Pip was a couple of years ago, I could hear the fireworks then in the background when I phoned him.

Keefieboy said...

Oh I remember one of these! Great fun.

dubaibilly said...

Thank you all for the translation and the comments, Lulu, you are welcome - come any time! Kat, I will try and remember that but have nod doubt that I will fail miserably! Thea, I will have a look. Marion, I've never been there at Easter either and, sadly, will have to wait until I leave Dubai for that pleasure as our school Spring Break very rarely ties in with either the Christian or Orthodox Easter which is a great shame. Keef, I'm sure you remember arriving at one of these, but I doubt very much if you remember leaving!!!

Keefieboy said...

*Of course* I can remememememember been poured into a taksi.

By the way: your chance to blog hits currently stand at 171,959. So if you time it right, you could be visitor number 172,000!

Tony and Karen said...

Hi Billy, just come across your blog. We also have a house in Glossa and have spent the last 2 weeks there. Hoping to leave the UK this year - assuming we can get the renovation completed! Seems Skopelos is getting popular! Take care
Tony and Karen

dubaibilly said...

Hi Tony and Karen,

It will be quite a few years before Mrs DB and I can move there permanently. I followed your link , but your blog wouldn't let me leave a comment, but please feel free to pop in here whenever you want and if you are in Skopelos Town in early August we should get together for a drink!