Thursday, 10 April 2008

So is it just me that has problems?

No, - no, no, no, no - not that kind of problem! What are you thinking of, and what are you doing on my blog thinking of it?

No, my problems exist with blogger.

Yes, Mr Blogger, the person who lets me write this drivel and post it up here for everyone to read, or not. Oh, it's not him personally, oh no, no, no, no... not at all. I don't even know him, wouldn't recognise him if I fell over him, mind you I could say the same thing about my boss, or the wife (no, just joking on the wife one).

No, no - it's his blog thing that is causing me problems.

Y'see, I post a blog, but I can't see it. Often not until the next day, or so.

Take the last bit I wrote, about keef's book. Now, I knwo you can see it 'cos Keef and GG and Jayne have all left comments (I've seen the emails), but I haven't seen it and I can't. I load my blog and it still opens on the pic of my Grandad. Occasionally, if I go to a blog that links to mine and then click my link (rather than the back button it will take me to the latest page of my blog, but I can't get it directly from my own computer.

I shall probably have to wait until tomorrow until I can see this !

Bit of a pain really, but there we go. What to do?


Keefieboy said...

Bee Zarr.

Mars said...

Na, that happens to me too. I just clear my browser cache and it helps.