Sunday, 13 April 2008

I am 54

Thanks Keef. Just what I needed!


MamaDuck said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happee Birhtday too yooooooou,
Ghapeeee Birfdhayyyyy
Djubai Billllllleeeeeeeee
Ghghghghgapppppppeeee Burpdayyyyy


dubaibilly said...

Thank you MamaDuck

Mars said...

happy birthday :)

Marion said...

Just caught up with your latest Blogs. Like the photo of the Oryx,
Pip informs me they are nearly extinct.
Hope you had a Happy Birthday sounds as if you did apart from not getting your bacon butty :-)

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday (belatedly)!

I hope you had a nice day.

dubaibilly said...

Many, many thanks everyone!

Jayne said...

(belated) Happy Birthday Dubai Billy :-) Here's hoping you had a lovely day & that Mrs DB spoiled you rotten!