Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Whole of the Ball

The law clearly states that the whole of the ball must cross the whole of the line.

Clearly it didn't!
Clearly it didn't!

Not that the non-goal is an excuse - we didn't have a great World Cup, did we. It might have made a difference if we had got it to 2 - 2, but who knows.

Sepp Blatter, now you really will have to bring in goal line technology - your gamble failed.

By the way, I hope ESPN won't mind too much but i nicked the photo from them - this is the url of the original:

And yes, OK, I admit it, I might havePhotoshopped it a bit!

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Keefieboy said...

Nice Photoshopping. Blatter won't change his mind. But I'll be very surprised if he doesn't step down at the end of this World Cup. The anti-technology stance is absolutely untenable, especially as other major sports have introduced it without any problems whatsoever.

England were still shite, though.