Friday, 11 June 2010

A World Cup oddity

Here I am in a country which broadcasts virtually every English Premier League match, complete with English commentary, live and yet I am left in World Cup limboland!

It ain't on the tele! Apparently I can pay 80 USD to Al Jazeera and get the World Cup complete with Arabic commentary but the channel for which I buy the top of the range bouquet (or perhaps bucket) doesn't have it, with commentary in any language!

Ah well, I guess none of the teams from the Gulf managed to get through, eh?! And doesn't it show!

And before you advise me to go to the local pub to watch it, Al Khor doesn't have any local pubs... come to think of it it doesn't have any pubs at all - local or otherwise! The nearest bar is in a 5 star hotel about 60 kilometres away.

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