Friday, 2 July 2010


Passport Control have very kindly let me out of Qatar. I am at the airport and my flight goes in an hour and a half.

Athens, and then Skopelos, here I come.

I'm free and out of Sandland at last!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Step Closer

Baggins went on his holidays this morning. Steve from Pampered Pets came to collect him, he is in kennels until the morning of 2 August. I fly back to Qatar on 1 August, stay overnight and then fly with Baggins to our new life in Istanbul on the 2nd of August.

I always feel guilty when I have to send him to the kennels - and it is always me that has to do it, Mrs Istanbilly gets away with it every time - its the same when he has to go to the vet, I'm always the bad person who has to take him! It's no wonder that he prefers her to me, is it!

Any way, this is my last full day, the last few bits of washing are in the machine, the suitcase is more or less packed and I'm pretty much ready to go. Just a bit more passing of time to put up with.

Oh well, back to the Facebook Scrabble I think.

Comment Moderation

Unfortunately I have had to put comment moderation on the blog as the last post I put on attracted a comment linking me to a pornography site.

Thanks whoever you are but I'll pass.