Sunday, 10 July 2011

What Is It?

This is probably the third in my (very) occasional series of what is it photos.


Here is a hint for you...

At the moment Mrs Istanbilly and I are on our beloved and idyllic island of Skopelos, Mrs I is at home but I am sat at a harbourside cafe blogging al fresco. The weather is simply beautiful, we are totally relaxed, the cares of the world are behind us and will be staying there until the middle of August. We haven't seen the news since the 26th of June and have no intentions of catching up with the world just yet, for all I know armageddon could be well and truly underway in the rest of the world, Greece may well be stony broke, for all I know, Portugal, Ireland spain and Italy may have gone the same way, but here on Skopelos... life is good.

So what is it???

Answer in a few days.