Saturday, 26 March 2011

Curioser and curioser

I have just got back from my trip to Geneva - well, I got back yesterday actually, but what is one day between friends.

Anyway, I decided to check to see if my blog is still blocked - now, this is the interesting bit: is definitely still blocked takes me to my dashboard from where I can edit blogs and even write new blog entries (like this one).

But just goes into some kind of limbo - I don't get a message telling me it is blocked but, at the same time, I can't get into my blog - so I can't check this post or look at other people's posts.

Now, the result of all this is that, when I click publish post for this post, the only people who will really know for sure if I have managed to make a post are you, dear readers - I can't get on the site to see it for myself!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Back in Blogger

Well, it is nice to be able to get back into Blogger. I am currently sat in a hotel in Geneva (I am here to do an Accreditation Visit on a school over here) and I took advantage of being away from home to get back into my blog.

Why did I do that here? Because, for some reason, the Turkish Government has decided to make Blogger a banned site.

I have no idea why. I am sure that nothing on Waiting for Skopelos is subversive, but they seem to think that I shouldn't have access to it. Shame, I wanted to post some pictures of the snow we had the other week, but I put them on facebook instead. Maybe it was subversive snow...

... or maybe the TG just doesn't like anything to do with Google - You Tube was banned when I arrived here last August...

Funny isn't it, I thought Turkey wanted to join Europe where freedom of speech is an absolute right...

Oh well.