Thursday, 20 March 2008

A bit more playing with Photoshop

OK, another tutorial and I got this as a result:

Kodak Film

The tutorial covered the film effect and the drop shadow was part of the tutorial that resulted in the orchid. It took quite a while to do this one, I wouldn't describe it as an easy tutorial, but although it was technically difficult, PS Hero really does have the knack of simplifying things. So thanks again mate, I really do enjoy learning new tricks.

I was looking at his site earlier and he has a great tutorial for improving photo's - I might do one over the weekend and post a 'before and after' so that you can see the difference.


Kitchen Insider said...

Thanks for checking in with me. I waited until after the Utd. match to reply. It was shown live here in the middle of the day, quite spoiled the rest of my day. Apart from the 1st 20 mins. we played decent football, but by then the damage was done.
Selling Anelka was maybe good business, but doing so without a guaranteed replacement waiting in the wings was criminal. But Anelka must be wishing he'd stayed at Bolton where he was guaranteed playing time and goals. Not so at Chelsea.
So, will we go down? I know we're only 2 points from safety, but where are those points going to come from with no-one able to score. I'm trying to convince myself that the Championship wouldn't be too bad. At least we would win once in a while! 8 games to go before we know. Fingers crossed!
Cheers, Geoff

hero said...

Man! I love seeing people get something from what I write! Thanks so much for all the mentions to on your site. I see visitors linking to me from you regularly!