Friday, 21 March 2008

A Few More Pix

OK, one last play with Photoshop and then I'm off to do some work.

Aaron put me onto tilt-shift photography. I'd never heard of it before but it is a fun little technique. I'm not sure what it's applications would be, I just like what it does. Basically you take a photograph and blur parts of it so that one little part stands out in sharp focus. This gives the effect of a macro photograph. So you are actually creating an optical illusion. Having fooled the viewer into thinking they are looking at a macro then they believe that the object they are looking at is very small, so it must be a model in model scenery!

Tilt-Shift Photography

Now, of course I can't put this up without saying where I got the tutorial from, so I would like to thank the guys at Tilt-Shift Photography for their tutorial. It does seem to me, however that there is room for some improvement in this technique which I will keep quiet about for now, at least until I have the time to try it out!

Now I did say that PS Hero has a great tutorial for improving photographs and I said I'd show you a before and after shot:


More intense reds, brighter greens (but not unrealistically so), whiter whites, I know which one I prefer. In case you are wondering the photoshopped one is the one on the right. By the way, it is the Skopelos Town Clock Tower.


Keefieboy said...

Dem toy boats look great!

Peggy said...

This is SO odd! I have just found your link from Mostlymacro's site. My family and I have had a number of holidays in Skiathos and pop over to Skopelos each time we're there. Just this week, I phoned my husband during the middle of the working day to tell him I was thinking about swimming in the calm blue seas there and then having a "cheese pie of Skopelos". I love the snail shell shaped pies and Skopelos too!