Friday, 14 March 2008

Tea in Bed

So, normally the alarm rings at 6 am, I get up (I am one of these annoying gits that gets up and is working at full speed instantly), put the kettle on, go and clean my teeth, go back to the kettle and make tea for myself and Mrs Dubaibilly. Usually I get a very sleepy "thank you" and I go off to finish getting ready for work.

This morning, being a weekend, no alarm. I woke up naturally at about 8:25 or so and was unable to spend any longer in bed by 8:30. So I got up, made tea for myself and Mrs Dubaibilly and came in to our spare bedroom and did a bit of blogging - having not done any for a while. When I took Mrs DB her tea there were no mumbled words of thanks, just gentle breathing noises so I quietly put the tea on her bedside cabinet and left.

I've just made a second cup - I was suprised to find that she hadn't even touched the first one - Mrs DB has a built in radar for tea. Ah well, I disposed of the first and made her a second - dunno whether she will drink that one or not. Poor lass, she must be exhausted, it's 9:15 now and she very rarely sleeps this late.

Well, that's my blogging done - I've got a shed load of work to do - I'm preparing the timetable for my school for next year and, although I have a computer programme to do the hard work, somebody has to do all the data entry and, given the principals of gigo that person has to be me.

See ya later

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