Thursday, 20 March 2008

A Certain Circularity

So, Aaron, aka An Englishman In Dubai, inspired by my efforts at tarting up my photo's with Photoshop has decided to have a look at PS Hero's website for more tips.

The question is, where did I find Hero?

Well, I'll tell you ... I was on Aaron's blog a few days ago and was reading a post called The Long Haul about how he passes the time on long haul flights, in the first line or two there is a link to Life Hacker which Aaron claimed to be his favourite techie blog. I followed the link and, lo and behold, there was an article about creating reflections with Photoshop by... yep, you guessed it, PS Hero.

Nice bit of circularity there I think. And I will be trying a new technique called Tilt-shift photography very soon - thanks for the tip on that one Aaron.


Aaron said...

Hi Dubaibilly

I like the connection you made there. Lifehacker is so full of useful things it is hard to take it all on board sometimes. By the way you did a great job on the 35mm strip!

I think I am starting to realize that taking the photo is only half the fun.

I look forward to your next projects.



dubaibilly said...

Thanks for the comment, Aaron. Mrs DB bought me photoshop for Christmas about 4 years ago, I absolutely love it and very rarely print a photograph or put one on the web without 'photoshopping' it first.

These fun projects really just take up your time - that is the problem with PS, you can spend hours with it when you should really be doing something else.

Personally though, I find the time I spend doing things like this to be a great stress reliever, I just get caught up in what I am doing and time just drifts away. Things don't always work out how you expect them to and that can produce interesting results as well!

Cheers for now