Monday, 15 September 2008

The cheapest car repair ever!

Oh dear!

The Pajero was ill...

I had to take it to the karma mechanic (5 points if you can say where that phrase comes from - no, don't be looking it up, it's an easy one).

This is the story...

I got in the car the other day and drove it to work - 100 kph down SZR and it's fine - takes the slip road and eases off the accelerator to slow down for the up coming roundabout - revs fell to 0, zilch, nada! Car stalled on me. Steering went really heavy.

It's an automatic - to start it again I have to put it in park which entails coming to a complete halt. Car starts, no probs. But, every time I take my foot off the accelerator the same thing happens.

Start getting worried about this.

Friday morning (the quietest day of the week here) I drove it to the main dealers (no, it is not still under warranty, it is about nine years old, but I can't afford to replace it, don't even want to replace it). So I take it to the main dealers with Mrs DB following me to give me a lift home (via the shops where she could relieve me of even more of my wealth! But I digress...) All the way it is fine whilst I keep my foot on the accelerator but take it off and it tries to stall. I had to drive it with my right foot controlling the accelerator and my left controlling the brake (hence the reason that I chose the quietest time of the week to take it in).

Saturday saw me back at the garage booking it in and explaining to this guy what is happening. By now I am thinking "New automatic clutch mechanism, new automatic gearbox, new engine, plenty-several thousand dirhams job).

"We will phone you when we know what is wrong, Mr Dubaibilly". Yeah, right, I'll look forward to it.

Anyway, the next day was Sunday and I was back at work. My phone rang. The Pajero people.

"Mr Dubaibilly, you can collect your car now if you like".

"How much is it"

"85 dirhams".

"I'm sorry I must have misheard you, I thought you said 85 dirhams".

"Yes, that's right, sir".

"What, eight five with no zero's?"

"Yes, sir".

"Thank you, I'll come and get it then, bye".

Now, 85 dirhams is 23.15 US dollars, 12.94 GB pounds or 16.31 Euros, depending where you are.

I am gobsmacked!

Apparently all that was required was the throttle body and the idling control needed cleaning.

Thank you Al Habtoor Motors who could have really ripped me off but didn't. I think that is the cheapest non-warranty car repair I have had in my entire life!


Keefieboy said...

Karma Mechanic - Battle Of Epping Forest by Genesis

Jayne said...

This really deserves a mention in Gulf News! So nice to read something positive about Dubai :-)

Raúl y Pablo said...

me gusta mucho tu blog lo visito a diario visita el mio y si t gusta deja un comentario de si t gusta o no y nos linkeamos los blogson

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Glad to hear it! I'm in the process of buying a Pajero SWB.

john.g. said...

Lucky you!!

Grumpy Goat said...

Eighty-five dirhams for a quick squirt with WD-40? What a rip-off!

Actually, you are a very fortunate Billy. The Goatmobile just came back from having its aircon repaired at a wallet-wilting Dh2800. Yes, nearly three grand.

dubaibilly said...

Keefiboy: 5 points to you

Jayne: it is isn't it

Raul: Gracias

photo: I think they are great cars

John: on this occasion!

GG: But they know where to squirt the stuff! As for your aircon, on my last service they re-gassed my aircon and charged me the princly sum of 480 dirhams for the whole lot, service and re-gassing! All I can say is - Get a Pajero!