Friday, 5 September 2008

Greek Night

It is Friday evening and in about two hours 6 of our friends will descend on us for a dinner party. Mrs DB and I have decided to have a greek night - not that everything will be Greek, but I don't suppose our guests will know. We've done these a couple of times before and they have always been successful (ask Keefieboy). I usually do a menu in an odd mixture of Greek, transliterated Greek and what I can only describe as Greeklish, and I always put a Skopelitan scene on it as a background. This is tonight's menu:

Greek Night Menu

Now I know that I have some native Greeks who come on here (for example Lulu) and people who are fluent Greek speakers (like Kat) so I hope they will be kind enough to forgive my torturing of the Greek language! My menu's are meant to be fun and I have had guests take them home in the past!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a good night - much of which will , no doubt, be totally lost in an alcoholic haze by tomorrow!

Yammas! and that isn't the correct spelling either!


xxxxxx said...

OK, I give up what did your Greek menu say ?
I can recognise letters of the Greek alphabet but that's about all.
The picture in the background is gorgeous, very Greek.
Hope you all had a fabulous night :-)
From wet & windy Kent.

Duffy said...

There's something wrong with that font. What is that, wingdings? If you expect people to read it use like Times New Roman or something.

Grumpy Goat said...

I recognised Greek salad and potato salad, and that's about it!

BTW, isn't a sigma an s shape (ς) at the end of a word, rather than the σ shape that appears elsewhere in a word? Or avoid the issue with a capital Σ.

Hope your dinner party was a success.

dubaibilly said...

Marion: good to hear from you! What does it say?... OK, from the top:

Welcome to Bill and Cheryl's taverna
Jason, Craig, Claire, Dave, Andy and Pat
Peppers stuffed with feta
Beetroot salad
Greek salad
warm potato salad
lemon cream pie
enjoy your meal

And yes, we had a fabulous night - it went on until five the next morning!

Duffy: I assume that the picture is you at your current age?

GG: Well done on the recognition. Yes, you are correct about sigma at the end of the world but I just couldn't find it in the symbol font set I was using and didn't want to do the whole lot in capitals - I think that lower case Greek letters are much nicer that their capital equivalents.

Yes thank you, it was - we had a fabulous night and everyone suffered the next day! What more could you want!

john.g. said...

Curry and chips then?!

californiakat said...

Σοrry i missed this post, but i'm outside of GR at the moment. If you want to type the lower case sigma normally used at the end of a word, the 'w' key normally accomplishes that. ςςςςςς

I believe the effort was very worthwhile and I enjoyed it. Now send me some of that pie. :)

panole8riambos said...

Very nice:)