Thursday, 11 September 2008

Some pics of our home

I promised you a little while ago that I would put up some pics of the inside of our house - so these are the first two.

Lounge 1

These are photo's of the lounge. Now, the house has a cellar and three floors. so, if we discount the cellar, this would be on the middle floor.

Lounge 2

Having said that, in the second picture you can see the "front door". The "front door" is on the back of the house, the "back door" which leads to the kitchen and dining room is on the front of the house and there is a staircase between the two. Given that both doors are at street level, you get some idea of how steep some of the streets in Skopelos Town really are!

The empty bookcase in the first picture is just waiting until we have filled up the other bookcase - Mrs DB makes me carry about a hundredweight of books in one of the suitcases every time we go there! Anyway, as I said, this is the lounge, I'll put some more pics up later.


Mars said...

purty :)

Mme Cyn said...

Lovely -- I love the white walls & furniture with the hardwood. We can assume that you don't let it out, then?

Looking forward to seeing what you;ve done with the rest of it.

dubaibilly said...

Thank you Mars.

Yeah, it is a nice combination isn't it mme cyn. As for letting it out - strangers, no. But friends and family, well, we don't have a problem with that - so far though, no-one has asked us if they could visit while we aren't there. But we don't want to rent it out commercially - it will be our home eventually.

john.g. said...

That looks brilliant! Love the decor!

Jayne said...

I also love the white decor, especially with the wood floor. Very tasteful m'dear. We rent out our home in SA. Mike (hubby) hasn't seen it for 3yrs now, but will get to see it again in a few weeks time. I have the sinking feeling that he'll be very depressed. *sigh*