Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bloody Fussy Moggies

To say that Baggins is a discerning eater is to somewhat understate the case!

Baggins will eat dry food and he will eat wet food. In terms of wet food he likes Miaow Mix (well one of the flavours of it anyway) and he will deign to eat certain other brands at a push.

In terms of dry food he will eat Friskies.

That is it. Friskies. Nothing else.

But they don't sell Friskies in Turkey.

We have tried all sorts - Whiskas (that was always going to be a loser, Baggins won't eat any manner of Whiskas), Kit-E-Kat (tried one piece), La Cat (winning by miles, he has eaten maybe 3 pieces in the last few days), some expensive stuff from the Vet (not interested), Eukaneuba (didn't even bother to sniff it)

So far, in the 9 days we have been here we have spent about 50 US dollars on dry cat food in an attempt to get him to eat - result, nothing.

And the trouble is, if he eats exclusively wet cat food he starts throwing up.

What to do!

Bloody Fussy Moggies!


Keefieboy said...

The things you do for that cat. Sheesh!

Grumpy Goat said...

You are clearly one of the two out of ten owners who say that their cats spurn Whiskas as a rabid dog.

Istanbilly said...

And it gets worse, today we found a new organic kind of cat food - disdain doesn't even begin to describe how he treated it!

You know what GG, I think Baggins would prefer rabid dog to Whiskas!