Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Desolation of Qatar

On the 1st of August I left Greece on the start of my journey to Istanbul - not a difficult journey you may well think. I had to go via Doha! I had to pick Baggins up from the kennels in Qatar and fly with him to Istanbul. It seems that there is an odd piece of legislation here to the effect that, if Baggins arrives on the same flight as me there is no problem in bringing him into the country. If he arrives on a different flight than me then the red tape for bringing him in becomes horrendous! It was easier to make sure that he arrived with me.

So I flew to Doha and stayed overnight with Amanda and Dave - many many thanks to them. On the way to the airport on the 2nd (ready to fly out) I decided to take a photo of Qatar, just to remind me...


The city of Doha was like other Middle Eastern cities - busy with tall buildings and shopping malls and a nice Corniche. But I didn't live in Doha, I lived 40 kilometres up the road at Al Khor. The picture shows the desolation of Qatar - I saw this view every day. The 2nd of August was a particularly beautiful day, had it been a normal day the sky would have been brown as well!

I am so happy to be out of there!


Jayne said...

No more Sandpit - yay!

Hay Bale Happiness said...

Hey Billy,

God it looks awful!.........nothingness, is probably the only way to describe it.

So glad you and baggins are out of it. Hope all goes well with your new start in Istanbul.

Wishing you all the very best and hope to hear from you soon.