Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Well, more problems with the internet forr the past few days - I am now reaching the stage where I am convinced that it is the linksys gateway that is at fault, not Etisalat. But more about that later.

I just wanted to wish any ladies who happen to read my blog today a happy valentines day and give you this:

red rose


xxxxxx said...

Hi, Happy Valentines Day to you two :-)
I've not been blogging lately, been busy. We are in the process of selling up and moving to ......
No not Skopelos - to Folkestone, Kent by the sea !!
Down sizing to a two bedroom flat.
Pip comes from Hythe, Kent so we are returning to his roots.
Everything is going according to plan; sold our house here and found a ground floor flat there.
Just have to wait for the draft contracts, etc, etc.
It's the first time we have moved in 31 years, so I have my work cut out de-cluttering.
Also have to leave my job after 20 years, as you can tell don't do things in a rush !!
Liked all your latest photos.
Especially the red rose.

Media Junkie said...

awww how you too. hope you have a great day with the missus :)

Jayne said...

Mwah *kiss* - thanks Billy & I hope Mrs DB was thoroughly spoilt :-)
Now if you were in Riyadh, you'd be heading for chop-chop square by now. (Dunno if you read it but the Muttawa went around to all the florists & told them they were forbidden to sell any 'scarlet' coloured flowers!)

Jones. Bridget Jones. said...

Sweet :)

How was V's day for you and the Mrs.?

dubaibilly said...

Marion: Nice to hear from you again - I hope the move goes well, though it is going to be hard after that length of time!

Jayne: Yep, Mrs DB told me about it - oh god that is one sicko country

All: thank you for your wishes - we didn't do a lot just a quiet night in together...