Wednesday, 10 December 2008

It has been a while...

since I last blogged - September the 25th to be exact and I have had a few people asking me when I was going to start again and if anything was wrong. Thank you for your concern kind people.

So, where have I been?

Well, pretty much since starting back at school in August I have been working 11 and 12 hour days and seven days a week - not much time in that for blogging. Somewhere in the middle of that lot the school had a holiday for a week and I was in every day of the holidays trying to catch up with the amount of work put on me by my boss. School teachers have an easy life? Being a Deputy Principal at our school seems to mean giving up your life completely and working ludicrous hours to satisfy the demands of a boss who doesn't seem to understand that people have families that they ned to devote some time to!

Anyway, things have eased up a little recently - on December 1st I was called into his office to be told that I do not fit in with the way the school is headed and given the option of either resigning or being 'terminated' at the end of the school year. To be fair, I was looking for a new job anyway, but I would have preferred to leave on my terms rather than his.

The upshot of this is, of course, no more 12 hour days, no more seven days a week and no more working through the holidays.

So I have got time to start blogging again.

And time to start looking at other people's blogs again. I haven't even looked at blogs for a long time now, so I have a lot of catching up to do with friends in the blogosphere.

And I am looking forward to it - as I am also looking forward to the job hunt - anybody know of an international school that could do with a good Head or Deputy?


Keefieboy said...

Terminated? Shit. That school still sucks.

MamaDuck said...

God almighty, you have to be kidding. But no. Why am I surprised? Management need their heads examining - this is final proof. You were an excellent Dean, and have been an excellent Deputy Head. Its the school's loss, as the parents and students will no doubt point out when the word gets out. After last year's cull..... good grief.....

Good luck with the job hunt, though with your character, skills and track record, luck doesn't actually come into it.


Mars said...

the dipshits. but i suppose you're better off. minus the no salary thing.

i've seen plenty of adds in the classifieds, so perhaps take a look there.

welcome back.

dubaibilly said...

Thank you all - Mars, don't worry the no salary thing doesn't hit until September and I will have got another job by then.

Jayne said...

Welcome back Billy - I missed you :-)
Absolute bummer about the job mate & if what Keefie & Mamaduck say is true (which I believe it is!) then the school will be the thing to suffer without you. I hope you manage to get sorted with another post, but enjoy your time off so long :-)

xxxxxx said...

Nice to see you back, wondered where you were :-)

Seabee said...

Welcome back Billy.

Maybe the job thing is a blessing in disguise - a chance for somewhere better.

CaliforniaKat said...

Salary doesn't terminate until September? That's great. You'll definitely have something else by that time. Enjoy until then and take your time in selecting something you like.

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