Saturday, 7 June 2008

Feedjit or NeoCounter

I wonder which one is right?

According to NeoCounter I have had 17 visitors from Australia - now, in the time I've had Feedjit it has only ever shown 2, similarly NeoCounter says 4 visitors from South Africa - feedjit says none! I know the flags on Feedjit's map disappear after a while, which is a bit annoying, but I just wonder if it is counting everyone - the trouble is that I don't know when the Australian total reached 17 or when the SA total reached 4 - perhaps I should watch a couple of countries to see when the change and whether both counters show them changing.

Alternatively, perhaps I should get a life and not worry about it...

Nah, can't see that happening!

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Lulu Barbarian said...

It's crazy what different reports one gets from different counters. For example, Sitemeter says I'm getting about 44 visitors per day right now, whereas Awstats pegs it at about 150. Just a teensy difference, eh?