Thursday, 12 June 2008

Three "Firsts" for me

I went down to Abu Dhabi the other day - no, that isn't one of the firsts. On the way I saw my first Dubai Metro train. There is a section of test track out past Jebel Ali and there it was, just sort of sat there. So I took my first ever photo with a phone - my old mobile didn't have a camera built in. Then today, I transferred the photo to my computer using bluetooth - I've never used bluetooth before!

This is the result:

Dubai Metro Train

Not the best of photographs, don't think I'll be dumping the Canon EOS 400 D yet, but it wasn't bad considering I was whizzing past it at 120kph (by the way, no, I wasn't driving and no, you are not going mad, I took the photo on the way back).

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