Monday, 9 June 2008

This must be my lucky week

So there I am on Saturday lunchtime (ish) sat in a traffic jam somewhere listening to Radio 2, which is my station of choice and, as usual I had a go at the competition - Young Rog and the guy from Hertz were doing a "Where In The World Am I" quiz - so I texted the answer in.

Got a phone call from Hertz today. I've won a Land Cruiser Prado for three days at sometime when I want it in the next 6 months!

I've always wanted to drive a Land Cruiser!

I hope it is a black one with blacked out windows!

Mrs DB and I are going to use it for a weekend away when we get back from our holidays (about which, more a bit nearer the time).


Jayne said...

Congrats to you. If it does have all the windows blacked out, you can travel incognito. Just don't drive like the average heavily tinted windowed Landcruiser driver though!

Keefieboy said...

Don't break it!

Elle said...

Congratulations. May every day be your lucky day.

dubaibilly said...

Jayne, thank you - I promise not to annoy any Harley riders that I might come across.

Keefieboy: As if I would treat it with anything less than the utmost respect - it does belong to someone else, after all.

Elle: Thank you, I hope it is, and whilst I'm talking, how do I get on your blog? When I follow the link by clicking on your name it takes me to a page that says your profile is not public.

Elle said...

Eww, no wonder I only have a few people visiting. Thanks for that. I went into my profile setting and ticked 'share profile' hope it works now. Let me know....