Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Summer Holidays

As you know by now, I am a teacher and so I am happy to report that the summer holidays have arrived. We finished on Thursday; Friday and Saturday were the weekend, so today was the first day of that long, long holiday that teachers call summer. You know, the one were we get 4 months sat at home or lazing on a beach somewhere...

So what did I do on the first day of my holidays? Yep, you guessed, i went to work! This is the time of year when I catch up on the mountain of paperwork that has built up over the last year - I made a start on excavating my desk today! I will certainly be in for the next week. The only difference is that instead of starting at 06:45 and finishing at 17:30 and not having a break (as is my normal working day), I can now go in at a leisurely 08:00 and finish at 14:30. Because I can now get on with my work without being interrupted every couple of minutes for the entire day.

So that you don't get confused, although I am a teacher, I am one of the Deputy Principals in the school and so my job is more administrative these days (although I do still teach and will continue to do so).

Anyway, I don't suppose I will finish much before the 8th or 9th of July and I am back in on the 17th August, so my 4 months is cut down a little. Never mind, I am looking forward to getting away for a while.

Mrs DB and I are going to spend a few days in Cape Town and about two weeks on Skopelos, and we just can't wait!


Jayne said...

It's sad that you have to spend your 'holiday' time catching up on paperwork Billy :-(

Only slightly envious about you going to CT (as I'm also heading home in Oct) but very envious about your Skopelos trip! Enjoy hon :-)

dubaibilly said...

To be honest with you Jayne, I applied for the job and knew what I was taking on at the time, also I get paid for the position and all that goes with it, so... I guess they couldn't force me to go in, but I want to be in a position at the start of the next academic year that I don't have anything hanging over from this, so a lot of my time at the moment is preparation which will make September easier. And if you remember that we come back to school during Ramadan when the school is on much shorter than normal hours and therefore working much harder than normal, anything that will make my life just a little easier then is worthwhile.

As for the holiday - I certainly will and hope to have some good pix to post when I come back.



Mme Cyn said...

Thank you for the post, DB -- we teachers get a lot of grief for our long, 'outrageous' holidays and 'short' working hours.... most of the teachers I know, like you, are putting in (unpaid) time in their so-called holidays.

Enjoy Skopelos... I get to go to CYPRUS this year with my one week off (can't wait!)