Friday, 9 May 2008

Bloody diets!

Mrs DB is on a diet. God only knows what she is eating but I ain't joining in!

Nevertheless, you've got to be supportive haven't you.

Instead of having steak, eggs and chips while she had ~ whatever it was ~, I had steak, baked potato and salad, instead of having lamb chops, roast potatoes, whatever veggies, mint sauce and gravy I had lamb chops, baked potato and salad. In fact I have had baked potato and salad 4 times this week - doesn't quite do it for me! And we now both cook separate meals - she cooks hers, I cook mine. No, I don't expect her to do all the cooking normally, normally I will do it one night and she will do it another but now we both cook every night, at the same time - fighting for pans and cooker space!

And the worst thing ~ her diet doesn't allow her alcohol, I haven't had a glass of wine for a week. Oh, don't get me wrong, she says I can, she says she doesn't mind, and when I gave up the booze for 4 months last year she didn't help me by giving up with me.

But you've got to be supportive, haven't you.

Bloody diets!


Keefieboy said...

Excuse me - did you change your wife and not tell us? I hardly think she needed to lose weight!

dubaibilly said...

Ye Gods NO! I won't be doing that again! Ah, you know how it is Keefie, they decide they are overweight and that's it. Diet, bloody diet!

Mars said...

i need to go on a diet soon :(

Lulu said...

Tell her the entire internet has decided that she doesn't need to lose weight.

Anyway, diets don't work. Your body doesn't want to shrink any more than a government bureaucracy does. Slash the input and it'll just slash the output in order to stay the same size.

Never mind, better to focus on the fact that she looks great already!