Saturday, 31 May 2008

What really hacks me off

about using the internet, is that now I can't get away from where I already am anymore!

I go on the BBC news website here and I get adverts for property in Dubai or for shops in Abu Dhabi. And I find them really intrusive. The BBC site obviously reads my IP number (or whatever it is) works out that I am in the UAE and gives me advertising for here. Well, I for one am pissed off with it, I find it intrusive and I don't want it. Just now I was blog trolling again and some guy in Los Angeles had an advertising space on his blog which said something along the lines of 'advertising powered by Google' and it was for a beach community in Abu Dhabi. I'm not interested, I don't care.

If it wasn't such a crappy site, I would change my news site of choice to SkyNews. Unfortunately I like the way the BBC News site is set out - I just don't like the bloody adverts.


Keefieboy said...

Google advertising uses a combination of keywords found on the page, and geolocation (using your IP address to determine where you are). It's supposed to be clever, and you should be impressed!

dubaibilly said...

Clever and impressive though it may be, mate, I don't want it and want the option to turn it off - I didn't ask for it so I see it as highly impressive spam!


Jayne said...

DB - almost totally off the subject (sorry). My computer got the nadgers & crashed, so I'm using my laptop at the moment & I just came across something I filed a couple of years ago. It's the 'alternate' TV schedule. If you haven't seen it (wickedly funny) & would like to, could you send me your email address? Fanks :-)

Lulu Barbarian said...

I find it not only intrusive, but a bit creepy to be served ads that make it clear my physical location is known.

Speaking of locations, today's episode of that Greek cooking show featuring Elias Mamalakis took place on SKOPELOS! Yep!

There was a really delicious looking dish of goat and artichoke hearts, that I would make and dedicate to Billy (meat!!!), except that both Mama and Zoe have made it abundantly clear that they'll disown me if I do anything as crazy as cooking goat.

I've got some sausage recipes ready to go except for the photos, and I'm researching Greek beef recipes. It's funny that my stuff has been so vegetarian lately, because I'm totally a red-meat gal! But most of my red-meat vices aren't Greek, so...