Monday, 5 May 2008

Funny Blog

Some people just have a knack for it, don't they - you read their blogs and they are just funny - without even apparently trying. I think it's great - me, I can't do that, but I really do appreciate it when I find a blog that makes me laugh.

So there I was on Keefieboys blog - those of you who have been here before will know that I regularly visit there. And down the side of his blog somewhere he has this thing, this Live Traffic Feed thing that sort of tells you who is looking at the blog at that moment or something like that.

Anyway I was looking at that and read Dubai, Dubai arrived from on "Probably Madrid". And I figured that must be me, a bit further down Grumpy Goat got a mention and on the same list I also found Dubai, Dubai arrived from on "Probably Madrid". So I thought I'd go an have a look at that blog.

I ended up here Life in Dubai which is written by someone called Seabee.

If you haven't been there, can I suggest you take a peek. This person is just so funny, I shall be visiting on a regular basis from now on, people often write LOL when they find something funny, but I really was laughing out loud whilst I was reading it.


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Mars said...

i love the feedjit widget where you can see who's visiting from where