Saturday, 31 May 2008

Carrots? In a cake?

So, last night Mrs DB and I were invited out to Janet and John's - NO, have you not worked it out yet, Janet and John are not their real names, just like Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice aren't theirs or Dubaibilly isn't mine, but I digress. Bob and Carol where there as well.

So we turned up, bottle of red, bottle of white and four lemons (as you do) and proceeded to have a great night. Let's face it, two jugs of Pimms just to get started, it can't be anything other than a great night , can it.

So, after attacking the Pimms with gusto and having some great fried halloumi with arabic bread and hummous, we all pile into the dining room to sit around the table for dinner. The wine flowed and the moussaka was wonderful. And then the sweet arrived...

Now Dubaibilly's mum brought him up well, and I know that, if I am a guest in someone's house I will eat everything put in front of me and enjoy every mouthful - even if I find doing that somewhat difficult.

But carrots? In a cake? I'm sorry, I don't eat carrots with roast beef. This just doesn't work for me.

However, I was miraculously saved from a fate worse than death. Janet has certain food allergies and one of the things she can't eat is anything with flour in it. As a result she wasn't going to have the dreaded carrot cake, she had made some little macaroons. Now, let's face it, macaroons V carrot cake, I'm sorry this is like Manchester United V Bury - no contest, macaroons win every time, come to think of it macaroons would win over most food for me - I love them! So I ended up eating a whole plate full of these delightful macaroons which had a slight crunchiness to them because she had used granulated brown sugar to make them and they were fantastic.

And so was the rest of the night.

Dubai has some fantastic places to party at... but none of them are a patch on having friends round or going round to friends. What a super evening that was.

After dinner we stayed at the table and and whiled away the evening playing Charadoodles (I think) which got better with every bottle of wine. And then we heard the story of the 1000 dirham tablecloth! I won't go into it, but if you ever decide to buy a tablecloth in Dubai, just be careful that you check the price first!

I never did find out what the lemons were for!


Mars said...

I like carrot cake...and carrot halwa...they're actually quite good :)

Jayne said...

Carrot cake is bloody smashing DB, especially with a topping of a cream cheese/icing sugar mix. You dunno what you're missing mate! If ever I get to meet you, I'll feed you some & you'll thank me for it haha!

Elle said...

As for the 4 lemon's I can't help you. But Carrot Cake! There is nothing nicer than a nice moist cake topped with thick sweetened cream cheese, yum.