Friday, 16 May 2008

Flame Tree

I've got a flame tree right outside my lounge. If you haven't seen one of these trees in bloom, they are a sight to behold. I took a few photo's of it this morning, and you know (I guess) that I'm not normally shy about sharing my pix with you, so here you are:

>Flame Tree

Flame Tree

There are two kinds (that I know of) one has deep red flowers - ours, as you can see has vivid orange flowers - I think both kinds are equally beautiful. I just couldn't resist framing one (below)

Flame Tree framed


Mars said...

I love the red colored ones too!

Lulu said...

I've never seen these before. Gorgeous!

dubaibilly said...

Mars, yeah, both kinds are lovely, I don't really have a preference and would be equally happy with a red tree but I haven't got one of them, hence the orange flowers.

Lulu, I think they are called Australian Flame Trees, they grow in Australia (obviously) and in Africa and here. Apparently they don't like frost, so I guess that rules out most of Europe, and certainly Greece. There are some good pictures of the whole tree on seabee's blog if you want to see.

Lulu said...

Thanks, DB, those are pretty pictures on seabee's blog. Very graceful trees they look like. The frost-tenderness would explain why I haven't run into them before.