Thursday, 20 December 2007

Off On Holiday

Tonight I take part in one of my least favourite activities - travelling!

Odd for an expat to hate travelling but I'm afraid I do. I don't like going to the airport, I hate check-in, I don't like the journey and I don't like the airport at the other end! Tonight we leave our new apartment at about 9:30, take a taxi to Dubai International Airport (always assuming we can get one!), wait around for 3 hours before going to the boarding gate, find out that the flight is delayed for an hour or so, eventually get on the Kenya Airways aeroplane and fly to Nairobi. Then we run through the terminal at Nairobi and jump on another Kenya Airways flight to Jo'burg (don't you just hate people who call it Jo'burg instead of Johannesburg), wait around in Jo'burg for a while and then fly with some other airline to Cape Town, Get out of there, pick up a rental car and drive to Somerset West, getting there about 4:30 - that is 6:30 Dubai time - about 21 hours after we set out.

God, I just can't wait, and just think, on the 4th of January we get to do the whole thing again, only in reverse ~ I wonder if I will have got over the outbound journey by then?

Anyway, there is unlikely to be much blogging between now and when we get back but there should be some nice piccies to put up then.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone who chooses to spend time reading my blog.


Bridget Jones said...

Ouch! 21 hours - that's killing! If Bridget had to travel that long, she'd be put off traveling too!

Just discovered your blog Dubaibilly, and liking what I read so far :)

Bon courage with the flight back..

Bridget Jones said...

Oops, and happy new year ha! ;)

Mars said...

try flying dubai to portland via frankfurt :)

that aside, i hate flying too.

and happy new year :)