Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Shifting - The Final Episode

Well. as I told you before, we are now in and happy! So I thought I would share a few during and after pics with you:

Stuff just got dumped anywhere while we were moving

Although we tried to keep things in some sort of order, in truth, we were just dumping stuff anywhere!

Stuff ended up covering every available surface

At one time it seemed that we had stuff covering every available surface!

Mrs Dubaibilly wonders if it will ever be sorted

Mrs Dubaibilly and Baggins survey the mess and wonder if it will ever be sorted

But sorted it was!

And in the end...

And in the end...

It was all worthwhile

It was all worthwhile!


Keefieboy said...

Looks just like the old place, but hang on, you shrunk the furniture!

dubaibilly said...

Ah, but you missed the forest outside of the window Keefieboy! And you can't hear the waterfall, but we can!

Cheers mate