Wednesday, 5 December 2007


In Dubai, the word 'shifting' refers to the act of moving to a different abode.

So, Mrs Dubaibilly and I are 'shifting'.  My jobs comes with a 2 bedroom apartment and we've been stuck in a 1 bedroom apartment for quite a while now.  Well, just recently a 2 bedroom apartment in the same compound (but different building) that we currently live has come up and we are moving in to it.

Full marks to my employers - they didn't say here's a new apartment you need to move in right now, they asked me when I would like to move and when I said, "Over the next two weekends, please", they replied, "No problem".

Excellent - now if only I can get the telephone company to provide me with a landline and an ADSL connection in the new apartment everything will be just dandy! 

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Keefieboy said...

Mabrook! And you secretly know that Etisalat are fairly efficient (when compared to Telefonica in Spain).