Monday, 3 December 2007

Why Is Blogging Hard Work?

This is crazy - so many people blog that it must be easy - surely!  Even someone 10 years away from retirement could do it with no probs - ha!

So I signed up, chose my template, decided I ought to say why the blog is called what it is called and tried to put a picture in.  No problem.  You have to be joking!  

Will it let me upload a picture from my computer - well, it says it will but it wouldn't.  No, I have to upload my picture to photobucket and then load it from there to here - why?  Will it let me put the picture where ever I want it in the text?  Well it says it will but it wouldn't.  No, I have to go into the edit Html tab and place it manually - why?

And then, whilst I'm doing all this the computer decides to have a tantrum so I had to turn it off and turn it back on again (at that point I decided to multitask and went for a shower and a shave etc).  So I come back - go into the blog making thing, (as you can see by the terminology I am now a virtual professional), choose to edit my saved draft - would it let me?  Well it says it would but it wouldn't.  No, I have to rewrite the damned thing and delete all the work I've already done.

Still - it works, I've done two posts and I haven't even started the post that I joined up to do.  Perhaps I'll do it later, but there are going to be lots of photo's in it - this one could be difficult!  Time will tell.

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