Monday, 17 December 2007

Shifting 3

Well, the weekend (Friday and Saturday here) finally arrived and with it came shifting day.  As always with that sort of thing it was pretty much the day from hell - in fact, it took us two days.  But now we are in our new home and we love it - we actually have space to swing our cat - oh bugger, I forgot I'd locked him in the bathroom, best I let him out now while I'm thinking about it.  That's him out then, now where was I ...

Oh yeah, so loads more space!

Of course, the TV people didn't come, the curtain man didn't come, the Etisalat engineer didn't come to do our ADSL...

But, it is now Monday afternoon, I finished work at noon and don't go back until 13 January 2008!!!!! On the way home, the guy from  Showtime phoned to come and sort the TV out, I got in and the curtain man rang the door bell  and wanted to fix our curtains, and while they were doing their jobs, the man from Etisalat came to fix my ADSL line. 

So, two days after moving in our new apartment is just about perfect - good work by all, the Showtime engineer, the Etisalat engineer and the curtain man.  

Eid starts tomorrow and Mrs Dubaibilly and I can both breathe a big sigh of relief and start looking forward to flying off to South Africa on the 21st for a couple of weeks in Cape Town.

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