Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Baggins 2

Mrs Dubaibilly and I are cat lovers. We have a beautiful Rag Doll cat called Baggins and, periodically I will put pictures of him up here for you.

As you know, we recently moved apartments. In the old place we had windows which opened outwards and so were not able to have them open very much because we didn't want Baggins jumping out of them. Our new windows have sliding windows with bug screens which are much better because we can have them open whenever we want - even when we are out - without having to worry about whether Baggins will still be here when we get back.

Baggins at the window

As you can see, Baggins is interested in what is going on outside (it was still raining when I took this and he doesn't know what rain is!) Perhaps I ought to move the sofa a bit closer to the window so that it isn't such a stretch for him!


SNAZ said...

Baggins....From Lord of the Rings?

My friend named their white Persian cat "fluff"... in a week they got bored, then named him "Gandalf".

Put Baggins in a remote controlled boat and let him enjoy the rains too...

Mars said...

That cat is sooooo cute. I love cats and I so wish I had one. :)