Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Rain in Spain

Falls mainly on the plain
The rain in Dubai
Does not go down the drain!

It is raining - persistently - hard! Why blog about it? It doesn't rain often here and invariably makes news when it does. Last year it did a good job of washing the Dubai 7's out (not for the players, of course) - this year it has reached new heights (at least as far as I am concerned). I'm now in my eleventh year in Dubai and this is the first time I have ever known the schools to close because of the weather. But yes, ladies and gentlemen, I kid you not, rain has stopped play! Tomorrow my school is closed because of the rain and I just happen to know that mine is not the only school thus affected!

view from the window

This is the view from my bedroom window - rain is notoriously difficult to photograph, pictures of puddles are often the easiest way to do it - another is wait until it goes dark and use a flash but of course you then have difficulty with focus.

Car Park Entrance

This is the main route into and out of the car park where I live - fortunately we don't park and then have to walk through this to get home!


Jayne said...

Since the Dubai 7's Big Wash-out just over a year ago, we've had hardly any rain in Abu Dhabi. I saw the window cleaning platform thingy (you know what I mean!) & thought to myself 'blinding, guaranteed if they clean the windows now, it'll rain!'
The window cleaners started & within a few hours, the heavens opened - what a pleasure. I must be mad I reckon, cos I actually went for a walk in the rain today - it really was nice :-)

Marion said...

It's great getting info and photos from Dubai from you, as I said my brother is living there at present. He's only been back for a couple months this time.
Says he's living 5 mins walk from Dubai Marina - near Jebel Ali (?) think he's surrounded by huge buildings.
Is this near you ?

Keefieboy said...

Oooh, luvverly warm rain that doesn't kill you! The rain in Spain, well, we're on the plain, I guess (the Meseta, actually) and we get a fair amount of freezing wet stuff falling out of the sky. But in fact most of the rain in Spain falls in Galicia in the north-west. But that doesn't rhyme.

SNAZ said...

Well Dubai's not as bad as Sharjah though.
I Spotted a Robinson Crusoe and a Yellow Raft too.


Mars said...

all the parlors closed and i caught a cold from being in traffic for a total of eight hours yesterday.
i'd be a little happy if the cold went before i fly...

Bridget Jones said...

Bridget almost drowned her lil car driving back home, made me seriously think of life jackets ha! ;)