Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A Sad Time

One of my friends and colleagues passed away last week. He was involved in a car accident whilst on leave in South Africa and sadly died from his injuries.

Today we held a memorial service for him at school. It was a very emotional time with the school theatre packed with students and staff and even some parents. Many people spoke and the tributes from both students as well as staff were heartfelt and beautiful. My friend was a huge sports fanatic, and a great follower of football. He was an Arsenal supporter and we had a lot of friendly banter between us. In view of his love of football we chose to end the memorial service with a minute of applause to celebrate his life rather than silence to mourn his death. This is a form of mourning that has taken hold in the last couple of years led largely by the English Premier League and I know he would have been pleased.

Our kids were fabulous today and I am proud of them, he would be too.

Rest in Peace, mate.