Saturday, 19 January 2008

Thinking of Skopelos 2

OK, so what about the sights? Well, speaking personally (and I can because it's my blog) I think Skopelos is absolutely beautiful! The town is the standard idea of a Greek Island town, white washed houses with coloured shutters and doors and red or slate roofs, built up the hillside and looking down on the tavernas that line the harbour.

Skopelos Harbour

This panoramic view taken from Panagitsou Tou Pirgo (which is the church overlooking the harbour) looks pretty much west and takes in the whole harbour.

From Mount Palouki

This view is taken from Mount Palouki overlooking the Monatery of the Transfiguration with Skopelos Town in the distance. You can see the hairpin bends on the road up and they can be quite hairy when you are two up on a little scooter, especially when you haven't ridden a motor bike for years! As you can see, Skopelos Island is not typically Greek in that it is covered in trees from shore to shore with many beaches shaded by fragrant pine trees.


And this is our home.

I'll put some more pix of Skopelos up later.


Marion said...

Hello, like your house and you have the top 3rd floor still :-)
As I mentioned before the house we have is only 2 storeys now :-(
The top floor was lost after the earthquake in 1965.
Still trying to place where your house is, as there are many streets hidden away.
We had trouble finding ours just after we bought it. We purchased some furniture from the shop on the ring road and he asked where we lived - errrrrr !! Well it's behind ---'s house, next to ---'s house and he found it.
The postman even delivers mail to us now, the only address you need on the mail is your name and Skopelos Town, Skopelos etc.
(No house number or street)
Most people know of you and always greet us like old friends when we return.

Jayne said...

Pass a tissue.........I need it to mop up the drool! It looks really wonderful :-)

Kitchen Insider said...

Envy you for your future home. We were in Greece last year, Could live there quite happily.
Thanks for your comments on Tips from the Kitchen Insider and for linking my blog in yours. Don't know if you got to see Bolton at Newcastle today. I get quite a few Premier League matches on TV here in California. Watched the match today. Too bad we didn't play our part as cannon fodder for the return of King Kev. Could have snatched all 3 points if Samuel had squeezed the ball past Given at the end. Now if we could only find a decent striker with pace. Cheers.
Geoff Dyer