Sunday, 13 January 2008

Good Ole Dubya

So Georgieboy continues his Middle East trip with a visit to Dubai tomorrow.

The powers that be have declared the day a public and private holiday! This means that the whole of this city shuts down because George Bush is in town!

"So, what do you think of Dubai, Mr President?"

"Well, it's cold, it rains a lot and there's almost no traffic in the whole place!"


Marion said...

Hi, did I mention that my brother is also living in Dubai? Small world eh.
He was there 20 odd yrs ago returned to UK had three children now he's back in Dubai working.
Tells me there are lots of changes.
He lived in a small house before,
the camels used to eat their plants. The house is still there but surrounded by motorways.
Wonder what happened to the camels !! Obviously re routed.

dubaibilly said...

Too many changes Marion - you still see camels, but not in Dubai and the desert is slowly disappearing.