Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Some More Flower Photo's

I hope you don't mind, but I thought I would share some more of my flower pics with you. These are low resolution photos, 72 pixels per inch and 317 pixels x 317 pixels. The high res versions I have are 508 pixels per inch and 15000 x15000 pixels - that is why I can enlarge them to 75cm x 75cm (much larger than the original flower) with no pixelation. And all thanks to that most wonderful of programmes - Photoshop. Good eh!

Flower 1
I really do think this is beautiful - I should know what kind of flower it is, but I can't remember - I could ask Mrs Dubaibilly when she comes home I suppose, I know she knows this one. The trouble is, rather like me she is not all that good at flower names.
Update - I am now very much indebted to Bridget who tells me that the pink one is a hibiscus. I have checked that with Mrs Dubaibilly who confirms that it is indeed a hibiscus and in fact is probably a double hibiscus - many thanks Bridget and Mrs Dubaibilly.

Flower 2
I suppose this has got to be some kind of a daisy - but I don't know what kind!
OK, I am told that this is an Osteospermum, also known as a Cape Daisy and that the wasp on it is a hoverfly - many thanks to Toffeeapple for that information.
Flower 3
OK, strictly speaking it isn't a flower - even I know that! What I don't know is what it is and what I do know is that it is beautiful (at least it is to me.) Apparently this is a verigated bougainvillea for which name I have to thank Jin

Flower 4
And this is just gorgeous.

Now in my previous flower post I have, from the top, some kind of orchid, a rose (though I have no idea what kind of rose) and an Agapanthus - ha! bet you're impressed now - with some kind of insect that looks like a wasp (but probably isn't) on it. So, if you can tell me any of their names (common or posh latin) I will a) be very grateful, b) name them and c) credit you with the naming of them.


I might put some more up later.


Bridget Jones said...

Bridget's posh Latin is limited, she's fluent in slang though! ;)

The pink one looks like a hibiscus to me.. now go ahead and credit Bridget, never mind if it is not a hibiscus ha! ;)

I answered your query on my blog..

Jin said...

3rd one is a verigated bougainvillea by the looks of it, altho I could be wrong........I mean, 2 big words for me so early in the morning........!!
Stunning photos by the way!

Toffeeapple said...

The white 'daisy' is Osteospermum also known as a Cape Daisy and the wasp type thing is a hoverfly, lovely little insects that do a lot of pollinating.

ps, Dean sent me!

dubaibilly said...

Many thanks Toffeeapple - I can't find a blog ffor you though I did reach your profile - and I have no idea who Dean is!

dubaibilly said...

Oh yes I do, I've just realised who Dean is - he is the guy with the nature photography web site - for those who like nature photography there is a link to his blog on my sidebar, this guy really takes some great photo's.