Sunday, 20 January 2008

Thinking of Skopelos 3

A few more pix of Skopelos and then I'll change the subject for a while!

The Parallea

This is the Parallea (I'm not sure about the spelling of that - perhaps Marion will correct it when she next pops in). This is the road that runs along the harbour (well, you can see that), in amongst the trees on the right are most of the tavernas, these are lovely places to while away the afternoon, drinking Mythos, playing backgammon, people watching or chatting with friends and they are also good places to sit in the evening having dinner and enjoying watching the world go by.

Skopelos Harbour at Night

This is looking to the Parallea at night from the port. The very bright place on the right of the photo higher up than sea level is Vraxos Bar, it's a great cocktail bar with probably the best views in town. That is where I took the first photo from and is about 150 metres from home.

Skopelos Street

And this is one of the beautiful little streets that make up Skopelos Town.

For Thea

I've put this photo in especially for Thea who thought I may have used Photoshop in the photo of the yellow and pink flower in Thinking about Skopelos. I promise you Thea, this is real, these flowers come out on a bush just around the corner from my house, they only come out at night so I had to use flash photography to get this and to be honest, I don't think it is a particularly good photo because it is slightly out of focus, but it is there just for you!

Having said that, I have to admit that one of my posts contains a flower which may have been photoshopped a bit! ;-)


Keefieboy said...

One thing I do miss being here in Madrid is water, as in sea, or a big river. We are about as far as you can get from th sea in Spain, and Madrid's river, Rio Manzanares is a weak and feeble dribble on the edge of town. But I don't think we have any space-alin stripey flowers either.

Mars said...

the photos are gorgeous :)

Marion said...

Don't those photos make you wish you were on Skopelos right now ?
Think it's spelt paralia :-)
Pip also thought you had altered
the colour of those flowers (and he's a gardener)

Bridget Jones said...

The Paralia is beautiful , thanks for sharing Billy!

Bridget never doubted the flower was real ha! ;)

Jayne said...

Beautiful photos Billy :-)