Monday, 7 January 2008

A Photographic Hobby

About a year ago Mrs Dubaibilly bought me a 70 -300 mm zoom lens with macro capability to go with my Canon 400 D camera. I've always liked photography and now I'm able to indulge myself in some macro photography. If you don't know, macro photography is close-up photography.

What I like to do is take macro photographs of flowers with the highest resolution possible on my camera. The art of this kind of photography lies in a) getting the focus right and b) getting the depth of field right. Neither are as easy as when taking normal shots. Of course, this being digital photography I can, like everyone else, take hundreds of shots and choose the odd one that I manage to get right!

Anyway, having taken the photographs I then like to go on Photoshop and massively increase the file size, crop the photographs to 75 x 75 cm, print them on canvas at full size (no, I don't actually do that bit myself - I know a place that does it out here at a reasonable price), internally frame them and hang them on the wall.

I have 3 on the wall in Skopelos and I am going to print some of the ones I took in SA to hang on the wall here.

It wouldn't be fair to tell you all that and not show you some examples, so I've resized some of them (from 75 cm square to little) so that they will fit on your screen and won't take three months to load - I hope you like them and I am sure, if you wanted a full sized canvas version we could come to some sort of deal!





Bridget Jones said...

Beautiful shots! You seem at ease with Photoshop! Bridget does not have a clue ha!

MamaDuck said...

These are lovely. Really. And you keep right on with Photoshop!!!!

BTW the word verification doodah for this comment is yyedb - obviously a shortened form of Yeah! Yeah! DubaiBilly!!